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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the hubs & his craftiness

The hubs and I had been looking for a king size bed for months!!! We really need the room...mainly because I'm a crazy sleeper and we have 3 pups who love to lay in the bed with us....until we put them up at night...a queen size was just not cutting it!
So one day the hubs decided he was going to build us a bed...hmmmm...ok?!? I have faith!!... he then spent the majority of the day sending me pictures of different beds...we decided on this one.... which we found on this website DIY FURNITURE - great website!!-- We will probably use it for other bedroom furniture....

  This was a Friday....I had already had plans to go to South Carolina for the weekend ( my home state) to visit family...I would not be here for the awesome adventure of my hubs craftiness....

Over the weekend I received so many pictures of the bed.....I was very impressed....THE HUBS IS CRAFTY!!!!


Impressive right????

When I got home we tried many different stains ---- but decided on the Jacobean looks a little dark in the picture.....but once it dried it lightened up sat in our guest room for 5 months because we didn't have a king size mattress....WHAT!!...... sooooo 5 months later.....DECEMBER! we finally were given a mattress...THANK YOU!!!

 It takes up way more space in our little master bedroom then we thought....but it  is well worth it!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with our new's a Threshold Brand down comforter and a Threshold Brand duvet cover--- which came from TARGET--- of course everything cute comes from Target right????!!!!!